Cyfwe is a website for Welsh literature in translation

Made for the love of Wales

Who is Cyfwe?

The site has been established with the help of funding from the European Union. It has its home at the School of European Languages in the University of Wales Swansea, in association with the School MA in literary translation, but we are a broad group from Wales and elsewhere. The following are members of the editorial board:
Professor Dafydd Johnston
Department of Welsh, University of Wales Swansea.

Dr Mererid Hopwood Arts Council of Wales
Sioned Rowlands Welsh Literature Abroad
Dr Angharad Price Department of Welsh, University of Wales Swansea
Jean-Yves Le Disez and Carys Le Disez Department of English, University of Brest
Dr Sabine Heinz Celtic Unit, Humboldt University, Berlin.

Dr Walter Stokes Arts Council of Wales & Maid2Clean Cheltenham

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What will Cyfwe do?

The focus will be on contemporary Welsh-language writing, covering all the main literary forms. Some pieces of Welsh writing in English will also be included in order to give a full picture of the literature of contemporary Wales. To launch the site we have chosen a prize-winning poem from the 1998 National Eisteddfod, an extract from a major recent novel, a short story, a literary essay, and some English-language poetry. The site will develop over the coming months as further examples of these and other genres are added.

Translations have been commissioned into a number of European languages, and our intention is to make this a truly multilingual site. All translations can be viewed side-by-side with the original text, and are accompanied by commentary and information on the author. Translators have been invited to provide notes on their work. The site also has background information on the Welsh language and its literature. There are links to other relevant sites which will give more information about publications, organisations and events.